2014 Festival Guide
2010, Cody VanderKaay
© Cody VanderKaay
Physical Environments Support Mental Environments
Featuring work by: Cody VanderKaay

Exhibition: Sat, Oct 16 to Sat, Nov 13 2010

“A billboard is often seen as an invasive ubiquitous structure; with it's content disappearing in contrast to it's dimension. Some see geography in the same light, limiting their view of the world to the small space in front of them.” -Cody VanderKaay

Cody VanderKaay’s most recent photographic works feature expansive desert landscapes that have miniature billboards temporarily imposed into the picture frame. Positive affirmations have been transcribed onto the billboards. These small constructions create the illusion that they are monumental structures in contrast to the serene landscape.

Joshua Tree National Park remains minimally unaffected and uninterrupted
by human activity making the location specific for this body of work.

Cody VanderKaay is an artist, educator, skater, and cyclist with a fondness for mountains and deserts. A Master of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, he lives in Michigan and is focused on sustainable practices in the studio. The rest of the time he shapes parable-like quotes, writes campy stories, and collaborates with friends. He also enjoys maximizing happiness.

: Sat, Oct 16, 7pm - 10pm

1016 Howell Mill Rd
Unit 3208 (Entrance on 10th St.)
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 11am - 5pm
p: (404) 803-4316
web: http://www.twinkittens.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/520
ACP Listing #: 142

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