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Carl Van Vechten
© Carl Van Vechten
Portrait & Text: African American Artists of Dance, Music, and the Written Word
Emory Libraries: Robert W. Woodruff Library, Level 10
Featuring work by: Carl Van Vechten

Exhibition: Mon, Jan 24, to Fri, Dec 30 2011

The gift to Emory of a small collection of photographs by Carl Van Vechten offers an opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of MARBL holdings related to African Americans in the arts. The photographs were first exhibited in Paris during a 1992 conference on “African Americans and Europe.” Van Vechten was a novelist, literary savant, patron of the arts, and principal support of African American literati. He also became a superb photographic portraitist, and his photos enable us to foreground a number of interrelated collections. Visitors to this exhibition will discover original materials from twenty-one different collections documenting the life and work of the twenty-one individuals whose portraits are on display. In his important essay on Carl Van Vechten’s photographs, Emory faculty member Rudolph P. Byrd observed “[I]t is a pleasure to join a face with language, to join an image with a reputation; in fine, it is a pleasure to ponder what some would term a different text.” This exhibition moves in the opposite direction, that is, from photograph to text. The focus is of intersections: of subjects portrayed and the cultural works they produced; and of the subjects themselves, one to another.

Emory Libraries: Robert W. Woodruff Library, Level 10
540 Asbury Circle
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 9am - 5pm
p: (404) 727-0136
web: http://web.library.emory.edu/libraries/schatten-gallery
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/712
ACP Listing #: 001

Tom Zarrilli
© Tom Zarrilli
Faces of the Yards of Clutter
Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
Featuring work by: Tom Zarrilli

Exhibition: Fri, Sep 16, to Sun, Nov 27 2011

Atlanta artist and yard sale doyen Tom Zarrilli presents an intriguing and amusing portrait of local yard sale sellers and the objects they no longer want in their lives.

: Fri, Sep 16, 7pm - 9pm

: Sat, Oct 8, 10am

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
980 Briarcliff Rd. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30306  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 10am - 8pm
Sat: 10am - 3pm
p: (404) 872-5338
web: http://www.callanwolde.org
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/702
ACP Listing #: 034

Brian McGrath Davis
© Brian McGrath Davis
The Abandoned Mansion - Photographs and Text
ECIT Gallery, Level 2
Featuring work by: Brian McGrath Davis

Exhibition: Mon, Sep 19, to Fri, Jan 6 2012

Beginning in September 2011, Emory Libraries will feature The Abandoned Mansion, an exhibition of images from Atlanta-based documentary photographer and scholar Brian McGrath Davis.

The place that is now Emory University’s Briarcliff Campus has served at least four different institutional purposes in the past century. From aristocratic estate of Asa Candler, Jr. (son of the founder of The Coca-Cola Company), to out-patient addiction recovery center, to mental health institute, and now university space, the 42-acre campus has served a variety of functions and meanings to the Atlanta and Druid Hills community. This set of large format photographs studies the first of these historical strata, the 1920s mansion of Asa Candler, Jr., which has been abandoned to desuetude and boarded-up since the late 90s.

Davis is a PhD candidate in the Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts at Emory University. The subject of his research is photographic theory, life writing, memory, and place studies as these fields intersect in what remains and what has been repurposed at the Briarcliff Campus.

Library Hours vary throughout the academic year. Please call 404-727-6868 for current visitor hours.

ECIT Gallery, Level 2
Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University
540 Asbury Circle
Atlanta, GA 30322  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: 9am - 5pm
p: (404) 727-0136
web: http://web.library.emory.edu/libraries/schatten-gallery
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/743
ACP Listing #: 035

Valerie Gruner
© Valerie Gruner
Valerie Gruner: Portals
Bella Cucina Porta Via
Featuring work by: Valerie Gruner

Exhibition: Sun, Sep 25, to Sun, Oct 30 2011

Valerie Gruner's Portals series are photographic compositions which employ architectural elements through which the audience may view another image. These images are dream-like and encourage the viewer to see into another reality. Evocative and open to interpretation, the photography draws in the viewer only to direct them somewhere else.

: Sun, Sep 25, 4pm - 6pm

Opening Reception

Meet the artist and sample some of Bella Cucina's artful food.

Bella Cucina Porta Via
1044 North Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30306  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 11am - 7pm
Sat: 11am - 8pm
Sun: 12pm - 6pm
p: (404) 347-6476
web: http://www.bellacucina.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/726
ACP Listing #: 044

Ryan Flynn
© Ryan Flynn
No Posers
Young Blood Gallery
Featuring work by: Ryan Flynn

: Sat, Oct 1, 7pm - 10pm

Atlanta photographer, Ryan Flynn, opens his second solo show at Young Blood Gallery, entitled "No Posers". In describing his series, Flynn says, "the backyard ramp has played a vital part in skateboarding for over 30 years. No matter where in the world the ramp may be, there is seemingly always one general rule - no posers allowed." The opening for "No Posers" will be complete with wallet-friendly refreshments.

Exhibition: Sat, Oct 1, to Sat, Oct 29 2011

Young Blood Gallery
636 North Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30306  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun: 12pm - 8pm
Fri, Sat: 12pm - 9pm
p: (404) 254-4127
web: http://youngbloodgallery.com/
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/720
ACP Listing #: 060

A. Alhouse
© A. Alhouse
Druid Hills High School Looks at Fernbank Forest
Fernbank Science Center
Featuring work by: Druid Hills Photography Students

Exhibition: Fri, Oct 7, to Fri, Dec 16 2011

Fernbank Forest is a 65-acre old-growth forest just a few miles from downtown Atlanta. This exhibit features photographs of the forest by photography students from Druid Hills High School. Students in the Druid Hills art department work exclusively on film and do all their own lab work.

: Fri, Oct 7, 7pm - 9pm

Fernbank Science Center
156 Heaton Park Drive
Atlanta, GA 30307  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed: 12pm - 5pm
Thu, Fri: 12pm - 9pm
Sat: 10am - 5pm
p: (678) 874-7102
web: http://fsc.fernbank.edu/
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/784
ACP Listing #: 093

John Enslow
© John Enslow
365 (A Photo A Day): A Journey With An iPhone
Red Wall Studio and Gallery
Featuring work by: John Enslow

Exhibition: Sun, Oct 9, to Fri, Nov 18 2011

Taking a photo a day for 365 days is more than a challenge; it's a journey. The pressure to produce amidst the ebb and flow of life can be difficult. But it causes you to remain alive and awake to your surroundings, ever anticipating that next shot wherever life takes you. To be creative in the normalcy of life can be awkward, but I found it refreshing to look for visual interest in every view. It caused me to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of each moment for how it visually expressed itself to me.

My vehicle on this voyage was my iPhone. After years of schlepping photo gear about, I embraced the iPhone as the only equipment used to take and edit my images. What I found was that this little piece of equipment not only exceeded my expectation but
actually expanded my artistic range and visual expression.

Presented at this exhibit are some of my favorites from the 365 images. I think they
capture visual interest, beauty, emotion or just make you stop and think. I hope that
people leave living with eyes wide open and perhaps have a willingness to capture what
they see.

(Hours as listed or by appointment.)

: Sun, Oct 9, 2pm - 4pm

Meet the Artist

Please join us for our opening reception to kick off this event.
Meet the artist, view the images and enjoy some refreshments.

Red Wall Studio and Gallery
1428 Ponce de Leon Ave.NE Suite B
located in the lower level (basement) on the parking lot side
Atlanta, GA 30307  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 3:30pm - 5:30pm
p: (404) 371-9383
web: http://www.redwallstudio.org
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/783
ACP Listing #: 104

Timothy Archibald
© Timothy Archibald
ACP Collaboration Presents: Timothy Archibald
Emory University
Featuring work by: Timothy Archibald

: Fri, Oct 28, 7pm - 9pm

ECHOLILIA: The spectrum of childhood and the documentation of a relationship; photographs by father and son.

Timothy Archibald, celebrated San Francisco based commercial photographer, struggled to connect with his five-year old firstborn, Eli (the tension in their home was palpable) until Timothy started looking at his son through his camera. Together, the two orchestrated a portrait series that depicts dreamy, intimate images not only of Eli, but of childhood itself, riddled as it is with mystery and fantasy. In doing so, Archibald documents the burgeoning of a newly charted relationship with his son. Through their creative collaboration, empowerment came to both Timothy and Eli. Timothy found a way to dial-in to Eli's different channel, thereby breaching the previously challenging obstacle posed by his son's autistic proclivities. And Eli found a powerful mirror both of his robust, imaginative childhood and his renewed bond with his dad.

In this program, Timothy and Eli will present ECHOLILIA (this series of portraits) at Emory University School of Medicine, where the photographs will be exhibited through November.

This event is a collaboration between ACP and Emory University.

This program is free. For complete information, including parking instructions visit: http://ethics.emory.edu/echo

Emory University
Emory University School of Medicine
1648 Pierce Drive, NE
Atlanta, GA 30322  [map: Google Maps]
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/914
ACP Listing #: 140

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