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Carl Van Vechten
© Carl Van Vechten
Portrait & Text: African American Artists of Dance, Music, and the Written Word
Emory Libraries: Robert W. Woodruff Library, Level 10
Featuring work by: Carl Van Vechten

Exhibition: Mon, Jan 24, to Fri, Dec 30 2011

The gift to Emory of a small collection of photographs by Carl Van Vechten offers an opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of MARBL holdings related to African Americans in the arts. The photographs were first exhibited in Paris during a 1992 conference on “African Americans and Europe.” Van Vechten was a novelist, literary savant, patron of the arts, and principal support of African American literati. He also became a superb photographic portraitist, and his photos enable us to foreground a number of interrelated collections. Visitors to this exhibition will discover original materials from twenty-one different collections documenting the life and work of the twenty-one individuals whose portraits are on display. In his important essay on Carl Van Vechten’s photographs, Emory faculty member Rudolph P. Byrd observed “[I]t is a pleasure to join a face with language, to join an image with a reputation; in fine, it is a pleasure to ponder what some would term a different text.” This exhibition moves in the opposite direction, that is, from photograph to text. The focus is of intersections: of subjects portrayed and the cultural works they produced; and of the subjects themselves, one to another.

Emory Libraries: Robert W. Woodruff Library, Level 10
540 Asbury Circle
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 9am - 5pm
p: (404) 727-0136
web: http://web.library.emory.edu/libraries/schatten-gallery
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/712
ACP Listing #: 001

Santiago Vanegas
© Santiago Vanegas
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
Featuring work by: Santiago Vanegas

Exhibition: Wed, Feb 9, to Thu, Feb 9 2012

Atlanta photographer Santiago Vanegas sailed to Antarctica in January 2009 aboard the Quark ship Ocean Nova. On his return, he spent a year combing through the eleven thousand (11,000) images he brought back. He knew while shooting that from that mass of photography there would emerge a very special exhibit. His challenge - to find a venue that would allow him to hang 50 over-sized images - 35 inches by 45 inches. He found the perfect showcase, close to home at the busiest airport in the world - the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.
The exhibit will be on display for a year in the Transportation Mall, the corridor through which every Atlanta Airport passenger must stroll. In addition to enhancing the airport experience, the exhibit will rasie funds for environmental protection. All 50 photographs are for sale, with the proceeds going to non-government organizations with the mandate to protect the Antarctic environment.

Quark Expeditions is proud to be the sole sponsor of this exhibit for the the full year.

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
574 Airport South Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30349-8642  [map: Google Maps]
p: (404) 382-2478
web: http://www.atlanta-airport.com/hjn/2011/03/passenger1.htm
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/703
ACP Listing #: 002

Chip Simone
© Chip Simone
The Resonant Image: Photographs by Chip Simone
High Museum of Art
Featuring work by: Chip Simone

Exhibition: Sat, Jun 18, to Sun, Nov 6 2011

Having worked as a classic black-and-white street photographer for most of his career, Atlanta-based photographer Robert "Chip" Simone embraced digital technology and color output in the year 2000, moving his experimentations with the medium into fresh and invigorating territory. This exhibition of 64 color photographs by Simone showcases the results of his recent explorations, presenting a tightly focused retrospective of the past decade of his work.

Please see ACP Listing #124 for a lecture from Chip Simone on Oct. 20th at the High Museum of Art.

High Museum of Art
1280 Peachtree Street, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30309  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat: 10am - 5pm
Thu: 10am - 8pm
Sun: 12pm - 5pm
p: (404) 733-5000
web: http://www.high.org
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/863
ACP Listing #: 003

Stefani Byrd + Wes Eastin
© Stefani Byrd + Wes Eastin
Stefani Byrd + Wes Eastin: Slow Cadence
Columbus Museum
Featuring work by: Stefani Byrd, Wes Eastin

Exhibition: Sun, Jul 31, to Sun, Jan 1 2012

The Columbus Museum presents a multi-media exhibition consisting of three photo and video installations that explore how ways of speaking affect people’s lives and the changing relationship between Southerners and the land.

One segment focuses on the effect accents have on our interpretation of the spoken word. A classically trained actor recites a short segment from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. The same segment will be recited using various regional American and international accents to see how the accents effect the way we evaluate the words.

A bank of TVs will feature stories from people living in the region recounting their personal experiences with accents and how it has impacted their life.

A video will take a cinematic view at the relationship that southern natives have with the land and visually connect the slower pace of rural life with the slower way of speaking. Slow Cadence is the debut solo exhibition of Atlanta residents and video artists Stefani Byrd and Wes Eastin (American, both b. 1984).

Columbus Museum
1251 Wynton Road
Columbus, GA 31906  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat: 10am - 5pm
Thu: 10am - 9pm
Sun: 1pm - 5pm
p: (706) 748-2562
web: http://www.columbusmuseum.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/871
ACP Listing #: 004

Robert Matre
© Robert Matre
Golf In Context
Quinlan Visual Arts Center
Featuring work by: Robert Matre

Exhibition: Thu, Aug 18, to Sun, Oct 9 2011

More than just a game, Robert Matre celebrates the glory of golf as "an adventure of the spirit".

: Thu, Aug 18, 5:30pm - 7pm

Quinlan Visual Arts Center
514 Green Street, N.E.
Gainesville, GA 30501  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 9am - 5pm
Sat: 10am - 4pm
p: (770) 536-2575
web: http://www.quinlanartscenter.org
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/817
ACP Listing #: 005

Jeremy Barton
© Jeremy Barton
Portfolio Show
Art Station
Featuring work by: Various Artists

Exhibition: Sat, Aug 20, to Sat, Oct 29 2011

Photography Portfolios by the Graduating Seniors, Gwinnett Technical College
W: gtcphoto.com
B: gtcphoto.wordpress.com

: Sat, Aug 20, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Art Station
5384 Manor Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 10am - 5pm
Sat: 10am - 3pm
p: (770) 469-1105
web: http://www.artstation.org
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/755
ACP Listing #: 006

Micah Stansell
© Micah Stansell
MICAH STANSELL: the water and the blood
The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCA GA)
Featuring work by: Micah Stansell

Exhibition: Sat, Aug 27, to Sat, Dec 3 2011

This solo exhibition will feature a multi-channel video installation by the second of three 2010/2011 Working Artist Project winners.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCA GA)
75 Bennett Street, Suite A-2
Atlanta, GA 30309  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 10am - 5pm
p: (404) 367-8700
web: http://www.mocaga.org
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/853
ACP Listing #: 007

Anne Berry
© Anne Berry
At The Zoo
Dakota Blue
Featuring work by: Anne Berry

Exhibition: Thu, Sep 1, to Mon, Oct 31 2011

2011 Grant Park Summer Shade Festival, Aug. 27-28

Dakota Blue
454 Cherokee Avenue
Grant Park
Atlanta, GA 30312  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 11:30am - 10pm
Fri: 11am - 11pm
Sat: 12pm - 11pm
Sun: 12pm - 10pm
p: (404) 589-8002
web: http://www.dakotabluegrantpark.com/
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/724
ACP Listing #: 008

Emily Harris
© Emily Harris
Marais Sombre Rouge
Carroll St. Cafe
Featuring work by: Emily Harris

Exhibition: Thu, Sep 1, to Fri, Sep 30 2011

New Orleans has been under what some may say is a curse. Katrina wiped out houses and tore apart the economy. Years later, a persistent oil spill killed wildlife, sea life and the local bayous and swamps. This in turn affected the local fishermen living and working in the swamps. Upon visiting New Orleans for the first time after these devastations, Emily Harris paid a visit to the swamps. In this series she captured the swamps using a red scale 35mm film to portray the dark and dreary life these areas have lived through. These images will be displayed in a light box installation to further illuminate the idea.

: Tue, Sep 27, 8pm - 10pm

Carroll St. Cafe
208 Carroll Street SE
Atlanta, GA 30312  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun: 8am - 12am
Fri, Sat: 8am - 1am
p: (404) 577-2700
web: http://www.apresdiem.com/carroll_street/
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/734
ACP Listing #: 009

Hazel Berger
© Hazel Berger
Georgia's State Parks
REI Perimeter
Featuring work by: Hazel Berger

Exhibition: Sat, Sep 3, to Sat, Dec 3 2011

Georgia is home to 49 state parks and 15 historical sites. Floral photographer Hazel Berger's current project is visiting and blogging all of these preserved spaces. The REI show includes many of Berger's images to-date and info about the parks. Visit www.hazelberger.com to read her blog and view her art.

: Tue, Oct 18, 7pm - 8:30pm

Reception and Artist Lecture

Join Hazel Berger at REI for a reception, lecture and slide show of her work. Berger will detail her project and present additional images. During the talk, she will discuss how she found her niche as a floral photographer and why she picked the state park project.

Space is limited, so please pre-register on the REI website.

REI Perimeter
1165 Perimeter Ctr W, Ste 200
Atlanta, GA 30338  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 10am - 9pm
Sun: 11am - 6pm
p: (770) 901-9200
web: http://www.rei.com/stores/54
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/803
ACP Listing #: 010

Barry M. Goldwater
© Barry M. Goldwater
The Visual Legacy of Barry M. Goldwater, Master Photographer
The Gallery at Serenbe
Featuring work by: Barry M. Goldwater

Exhibition: Sat, Sep 3, to Sat, Oct 29 2011

Many know him as a Statesman and Presidential candidate but very few people know what an accomplished photographer Senator Barry Goldwater was.

At a young age, Barry picked up his mother’s Kodak and thus began the career of a master photographer. His eye for documenting the land and native people of Arizona, represents a key aspect of his work.

Self-taught, Goldwater experimented widely with darkroom techniques and spent his life mastering the art. Greats that included Ansel Adams were both his mentors and friends. His photography ultimately earned him twin inductions into the oldest and most prestigious organizations in the profession, the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and the Professional Photographers of America.

: Sat, Oct 1, 5pm - 8pm

Exhibit Reception

Join us for refreshments with special guests Joanne Goldwater, Barry's daughter and Alison Goldwater Arkin, Barry's granddaughter.

The Gallery at Serenbe
9077 Selborne Lane
Chattahoochee Hills (Serenbe), GA 30268  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Wed, Thu: 10am - 5pm
Fri, Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun: 1pm - 4pm
p: (678) 519-1238
web: http://thegalleryatserenbe.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/866
ACP Listing #: 011

LaToya Ruby Frazier
© LaToya Ruby Frazier
15 x 15: The 15th Anniversary Acquisitions Exhibition
Spelman College Museum of Fine Art
Featuring work by: Sheila Pree Bright, Lalla Essaydi, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Carrie Mae Weems

Exhibition: Thu, Sep 8, to Sat, Dec 3 2011

Since the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art was established in 1996, it has methodically grown the College’s permanent collection. In recent years, through key gifts from alumnae and Friends and through careful purchases, the Museum has expanded its permanent holdings to reflect its emphasis on works by and about women of the African Diaspora. In celebration of its 15th anniversary, the Museum has aggressive plans to build upon its legacy and purchase 15 new works by an array of emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Of the 15 works on the Museum’s wish list, 9 are photographs by acclaimed artists including: Sheila Pree Bright, Lalla Essaydi, Renée Cox, LaToya Ruby Frazier, IngridMwangiRobertHutter, Myra Greene, Nandipha Mntambo, Lorna Simpson, and Carrie Mae Weems. "15 x 15: The 15th Anniversary Acquisitions Exhibition" celebrates the Museum’s milestone and presents works in the permanent collection alongside 15 soon to be acquired works. This original exhibition creates a context for the College’s past, present, and future collecting efforts and positions photography as vital to the Museum’s evolution.

Spelman College Museum of Fine Art
In the Camille Olivia Hanks Cosby Academic Center
350 Spelman Lane, Box 1526
Atlanta, GA 30314  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 10am - 4pm
Sat: 12am - 4pm
p: (404) 270-5607
web: http://www.spelman.edu/museum
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/839
ACP Listing #: 012

Marcia Vaitsman
© Marcia Vaitsman
Study of Strange Things
Solomon Projects
Featuring work by: Marcia Vaitsman

Exhibition: Thu, Sep 8, to Sat, Sep 24 2011

Study of Strange Things was created from what Vaitsman calls proto-images, images that are ephemeral or "thin" because they do not exist in her mind as full-frame photographs but as fragments of information, doubtful memories, or obscure sensations. To preserve this ephemeral condition, she uses such domestic materials as ice, chocolate, eggs, meat, wax, salt, milk, or starch; or such biological by-products as hair or wool. The materials have little monetary value, and some are difficult to store. Changes that some of the materials undergo in certain environmental conditions necessitate photographic archiving. Study of Strange Things is related to the tradition of grouping images, as in the Tarot, the Stations of the Cross, stamp collections, photo albums, and even cinematography, which articulate fragments of meaning in order to describe complex situations. The project relates to mythology and its function of explaining the existence of people prior to their having intellectual tools to write their history or to make their laws. This series shows a private, ancestral imagery and therefore describes parts of Vaitsman’s mind that sometimes seem foreign even to her.

Solomon Projects
1037 Monroe Drive
Atlanta, GA 30306  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 10am - 6pm
p: (404) 875-7100
web: http://www.solomonprojects.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/831
ACP Listing #: 013

Daniel Gordon
© Daniel Gordon
The New Photograph
Hagedorn Foundation Gallery
Featuring work by: Christoph Engel, Daniel Gordon, Brandon Juhasz, Jonathan Lewis, Jason Salavon, Penelope Umbrico

Exhibition: Thu, Sep 8, to Sat, Oct 22 2011

Six artists from around the world confront the idea of the indexicality of the image, the composition of the new art object and what this says about our culture and its current aesthetics. The photographers’ source materials include Flickr, Google Earth, advertising and editorial images and painters of the Dutch Golden Age. Operations on the resources include digital layering, reformatting data, curating, old-fashioned paper folding and the creation and photography of the Demand-like diorama.

: Sat, Sep 24, 5:30pm - 8:30pm

: Fri, Oct 21, 6:30pm - 8pm

Artist's Talk

Jason Salavon and Penelope Umbrico will present their work.

Hagedorn Foundation Gallery
425 Peachtree Hills Avenue, #25
Atlanta, GA 30305  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 10am - 5pm
Sat: 11am - 4pm
p: (404) 492-7718
web: http://www.hfgallery.org
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/806
ACP Listing #: 014

Sally Mann
© Sally Mann
Sally Mann
Jackson Fine Art
Featuring work by: Sally Mann

Exhibition: Fri, Sep 9, to Sat, Oct 29 2011

Jackson Fine Art is thrilled and honored to present Proud Flesh, the latest series of striking photographs by Sally Mann that depicts an intimate and honest study of her husband, Larry Mann. During six years of vulnerable moments, Mann fearlessly depicts nudes of her husband as he struggles with muscular dystrophy.

In 1951 Mann was born in Virginia, where she and her husband currently reside. Known for her American gothic style of photography, Mann’s images are produced as contact prints made from wet-plate collodion negatives with a short exposure time. This process paired with the subject matter gives for a chilling aesthetic outcome. Mann is known for her charged themes of death and sexuality, which she beautifully juxtaposes candidly in this series.

Mann’s career is decorated with numerous awards, including three National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Her photographs are in the permanent collections of major museums and private collections, and noted by Time magazine as “America’s Best Photographer” in 2001. She is included in collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, and The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; and The Corcoran Museum of Art, Washington, D.C.

Photo credit: © Sally Mann. Courtesy of Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta and Gagosian Gallery, New York

: Fri, Sep 9, 6pm - 8pm

Jackson Fine Art
3115 E Shadowlawn Ave
Atlanta, GA 30305  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 10am - 5pm
p: (404) 233-3739
web: http://www.jacksonfineart.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/813
ACP Listing #: 015

Megan Gorham
© Megan Gorham
Echoes of the Sublime, Curated by Stephanie Dowda
Emily Amy Gallery
Featuring work by: Wes Cummings, John Paul Floyd, Megan Gorham, Ryan Hendon, Lauren Hughes, Ashley Kauschinger, Klea McKenna, Aaron Norberg, Jeff Rich, Allyson Ross, Justin Weaver

Exhibition: Fri, Sep 9, to Sat, Oct 22 2011

Emily Amy Gallery is pleased to present its first-ever exhibition that is strictly photography-focused. Local photographer, Stephanie Dowda, will act as curator for the show choosing works that embody the elusive notion of the sublime. Drawing upon more traditional ideas such as idyllic landscapes as well as more abstract interpretations that include intimate love affairs, Dowda seeks to create a strong body of works that suggest transcendental ideals.

: Fri, Sep 9, 7pm - 10pm

Emily Amy Gallery
1000 Marietta Street NW
Suite 208
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 11am - 5pm
p: (404) 877-5626
web: http://www.emilyamygallery.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/749
ACP Listing #: 016

Richard Ediger
© Richard Ediger
Left of Reality
Montaluce Winery and Le Vigne Restaurant
Featuring work by: Jill Ediger, Richard Ediger

Exhibition: Fri, Sep 9, to Mon, Nov 28 2011

Some of us like to see things like they really are while some are attracted to a more phantasmagorial view. On the other hand, a visage just slightly off kilter, where we’re not sure exactly what we’re seeing, may have a different kind of appeal. With a glass of wine in hand, take a photographic trip that has elements more akin to the Left Bank than the Right Bank.

Montaluce Winery and Le Vigne Restaurant
501 Hightower Church Road
Dahlonega, GA 30533  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: 12pm - 5pm
p: (706) 867-4060
web: http://www.montaluce.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/798
ACP Listing #: 017

Graphics Artist Gordon Gray
© Graphics Artist Gordon Gray
The Shot Atlanta Studios Open House
The Shot Atlanta Studios
Featuring work by: Brian Christian, Jamal Hardman, Dwayne Hathaway, Derek Hightower, Kevin Mills, Tim Rogers, Kim Roseberry, John Stevens

Studio Open House: Sat, Sep 10, 12pm - 11:45pm

The Shot Atlanta is a 5,500 square foot studio located in the West End section near downtown Atlanta. We offer many options for your project.

Comprised of at least 6 unique setup options with a variety of textures and character. To assist with your project we also have ample space to allow for scene setups.

We also offer a photographer's membership, which currently consists of 14 photographers. Our membership is growing each month with some of Atlanta's best photographers.

To help celebrate Atlanta Celebrates Photography, our Open House event will consist of a Gallery displaying our in-house photographer's work. In addition this event gives us an opportunity to network and show off our great venue.

This event is free and open to the public. Doors open at noon, September 10, 2011.

e-mail: theshotatl@gmail.com

The Shot Atlanta Studios
675 Metropolitan Pkwy
Suite 4138
Atlanta , GA 30310  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: 8am - 7pm
p: (404) 550-5826
web: http://www.theshotatlanta.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/838
ACP Listing #: 018

Dave Anderson
© Dave Anderson
One Block: Photographs by Dave Anderson
Jennifer Schwartz Gallery
Featuring work by: Dave Anderson

Exhibition: Sat, Sep 10, to Sat, Oct 8 2011

Hurricane Katrina caused a seismic shift to the city of New Orleans and the Gulf region. Could rebuilding ever fix what had been broken? Would the city ever get its mojo back? Would that thing, whatever it was, that was so uniquely New Orleans return, dissipate, or transform into something completely different? And what about the thousands of small communities that existed within the city—would they survive, or even flourish? What was lost was clear, but what could be recovered was not at all clear.

Following the storm, Dave Anderson spent three years repeatedly photographing a single block in the Holy Cross section of New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward, following both the obvious physical rebuilding of the homes as well as the evolving psychological state of its residents.

Dave Anderson’s work has appeared in magazines from Time to Esquire and is in various museum collections. His book Rough Beauty won the Santa Fe Center for Photography 2005 Project Competition, and One Block: An New Orleans Neighborhood Rebuilds was published by Aperture in 2010.

Book Signing: Sat, Sep 10, 6pm

Artist's Talk and Book Signing

Fall Line Press and Jennifer Schwartz Gallery present an artist talk and book signing with Dave Anderson. Anderson will give a talk about his experience photographing a single block in the Holy Cross section of New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina. He will also sign copies of his book, One Block: An New Orleans Neighborhood Rebuilds, published by Aperture in 2010.

Jennifer Schwartz Gallery
1000 Marietta Street
Suite 112
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 11am - 5pm
p: (404) 885-1080
web: http://jenniferschwartzgallery.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/878
ACP Listing #: 019

Kathleen Robbins
© Kathleen Robbins
Outlands: Land Over Time
Jennifer Schwartz Gallery
Featuring work by: Rachel Barrett, William Boling, Maude Clay, Debbie Flemming Caffery, Susan Hadorn, Jason Houston, Holly Lynton, Tom Rankin, Kathleen Robbins

Exhibition: Sat, Sep 10, to Sat, Oct 8 2011

Outlands: Land Over Time showcases the different uses and conditions of land and related built environment outside an urban setting. Focused on how the land has been cultivated, neglected or exploited, this exhibition is an attempt to trace how Americans’ approach and their stance in relation to land has changed over the past 50 years - from large corporate farms to family-owned, from tightly controlled chemical induced farming, to the more organic and sustainable. Whether looking at seasonal changes of the land or failed family farms, not only has the land itself changed, but the way photographers approach the subject has evolved both in style and content. Through thoughtful and artful documentation, photographers have been able to give us a glimpse into an evolving and changing lifestyle.

: Sat, Sep 10, 7pm - 10pm

: Sat, Sep 17, 2pm

Jason Houston: New Stories in the Food Movement

Photographer Jason Houston has spent the last decade photographing food and agriculture around the world. In this talk he will share stories from his recent book project looking at what's happening next at the intersections between community and food across America.

Jennifer Schwartz Gallery
1000 Marietta Street
Suite 112
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 11am - 5pm
p: (404) 885-1080
web: http://jenniferschwartzgallery.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/879
ACP Listing #: 020

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