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2008, Beth Lilly
© Beth Lilly
The Oracle @ WiFi
Featuring work by: Beth Lilly

Other: Thu, Oct 7, 8am - 7pm

What could an artist do with a cell phone camera? This is the question Atlanta artist Beth Lilly asked herself and her answer became an ongoing performance art project where she interacts directly with individuals. Titled “The Oracle @ WiFi”, Lilly created a system of divination that uses her cell phone camera and skill as photographer to generate images at random. Pairing callers’ questions with the images she took, the project is also an experiment in how text can determine image interpretation. On October 7th, the public is invited to call the artist to request a reading at 404-805-5431. Callers must keep their question secret and Lilly will take three images immediately after the call, using her location as the starting point. Images are exchanged for question via email and then placed together for comparison and posted to project website, oracleatwifi.com. For over four years Lilly has intimately connected to people from all over the world, using technology to overcome restrictions of geography and time. A complete archive of the questions and images is posted at www.oracleatwifi.com. Calls are free and prints of the readings are available for purchase from the artist.

Atlanta, GA 30309  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Thu: 8am - 7pm
p: (404) 805-5431
web: http://www.oracleatwifi.com
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