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Harry Shearer
© Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer: The Silent Echo Chamber
Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
Featuring work by: Harry Shearer

Exhibition: Sat, Sep 12, to Sun, Nov 22 2009

Harry Shearer is one of America’s most prominent satirists, and during a stint as a writer and cast member on Saturday Night Live in the 1980s, he discovered satellite news feeds. His The Silent Echo Chamber videos feature media and political personalities in the awkward moments before “going live.”

In addition to this exhibition, there will be an Artist Lecture & Panel Discussion with Mr. Shearer at the High Museum on November 20th.

Above image:
Harry Shearer, James Carville: The Silent Echo Chamber (video still), 2008, Video, 14:53 minutes, Courtesy of I.C. Editions, Inc.

For information about exhibitions and events see www.thecontemporary.org.

Exhibition: Sat, Sep 12, to Sun, Nov 22 2009

Corin Hewitt: Seed Stage


Exhibition: Sat, Sep 12, to Sun, Nov 22 2009

Will Rogan: Remnant World


Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
535 Means Street
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat: 11am - 5pm
Thu: 11am - 8pm
Sun: 12pm - 5pm
p: (404) 688-1970
web: http://www.thecontemporary.org
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/323
ACP Listing #: 032

Bill Daniel
© Bill Daniel
Ground Score
Get This! Gallery
Featuring work by: Bill Daniel

Exhibition: Fri, Sep 18, to Sat, Oct 31 2009

Ground Score traces the unpredictable course of a self-taught artist who was originally turned on to the practice of documentation while participating in the skate/punk scene of Austin in the early 1980s. Included in this trip are records from a 20-year obsession with traditional rail graffiti, a bike messenger’s eye view of San Francisco’s graffiti that presaged a movement called “The Mission School”, and a range of large-format work resulting from a science and myth-based appetite for apocalyptic landscapes.

Bill Daniel’s work is traditional silver-based and represents his conviction and dedication to pre/post digital photography. He is also known for his filmmaking, “Who is Bozo Texino?” and is the author of a book on rail graffiti, “Mostly True.”

: Fri, Sep 18, 7pm - 10:30pm

: Sat, Sep 19, 2pm - 3pm

Ground Score

Artist talk with Bill Daniel about his exhibition, Ground Score. Free admission

Film Screening: Sat, Sep 19, 7pm - 9:30pm

Who's Bozo Texino?

Doors at 7PM
Film at 8PM
@ Get This! Gallery

Get This! Gallery
662 11th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 11am - 6pm
p: (678) 596-4451
web: http://getthisgallery.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/272
ACP Listing #: 039

Jefferson Pinder
© Jefferson Pinder
Jefferson Pinder's "Lazarus"
Featuring work by: Alejandro Aguilera, Kojo Griffin, Jefferson Pinder

Exhibition: Fri, Sep 18, to Sat, Oct 31 2009

Washington DC-based video artist Jefferson Pinder exhibits his newest performance video, “Lazarus”. Pinder presents visually engaging video work as a form of quiet activism. The human experience is revealed as a poetic journey and beauty is often found in the mudane. Pinder’s work was most recently featured in the “After 1968” exhibition at the High Museum of Art in 2008.

In “Lazarus”, a huddled mass of pedestrians spring into action to collectively move a seemingly immobile vehicle. This impromptu tribe of activists forms an intense juggernaut as Pinder guides the force from the seat of the rusty powdered blue car.

This video piece is his latest installment of the Inertia Cycle series in which Pinder documents intense physical tasks as an abstract metaphor for social struggle.

: Fri, Sep 18, 6pm - 8pm

Other: Sat, Oct 17, 3pm - 5pm

LRLL RLRR drumming performance by Harrison Haynes

Harison Haynes, photographer / performance artist / drummer for the band Les Savy Fav, presents LRLL RLRR, in which he and a collaborator play the same drum beat continuously for two hours. The performance investigates where the production of music overlaps and/or is reciprocated by the production of art as well as the iconographic role of the drum set and the drummer in film, literature, pop culture and art.

664 11th St NW
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Wed, Thu, Fri: 12pm - 6pm
Sat: 11am - 5am
p: (404) 881-0411
web: http://www.saltworksgallery.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/338
ACP Listing #: 036

Christian Bradley-West
© Christian Bradley-West
What's Happening Now: A Cell Phone Photography Project
Cherrylion Studios
Featuring work by: Steve Aishman, Danielle Assef, John Bohannon, William Boling, Jonathon Bouknight, Christian Bradley-West, Gary Coleman, Ande Cook, Elizabeth D'Amato, Stephanie Dalton, Melanie Davis, Dave Dennard, Meg Dreyer, Jan Fields, Nancy Floyd, Lance Foster, Crystal Genes, Sari Goodfriend, Jenni Grant, Matt Haffner, Jefferson Hayman, Joyce Hethcox, Kim Hoeckele, Tracey Hogan, Ashley Hope-Waldron, Judy Kuniansky, Beth Lilly, Sean McCormick, Michael David Murphy, Michael Murphy, Laura Noel, Dorothy O'Connor, Katy Olmstead, Jeffrey Perri, Amira Price, Greg Schmigel, Jerry Siegel, Teresa Sims, Brett Smith, Mical Stansel, Whitney Stansel, Terry Stephens, Karen Tauches, Corinne Vionnet, Ansley West, Whitney Wood, Rick Wright

Exhibition: Sat, Sep 19, to Fri, Oct 16 2009

With the development of blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, people are recording information at an extremely rapid pace, and the cell phone is the primary tool for approaching life with such immediacy. Combined with the power of the cell phone's instant abilities, this project, co-produced by Christian Bradley-West and Susan Todd-Raque, gives a forum for artists to speak visually in a way people have never been able to do so until now. The artistic process for these living diaries began in June 2009 and continued for 8 weeks. Participating artists are from across the U.S. and Europe.

: Sat, Sep 19, 5pm - 10pm

Cherrylion Studios
889 Morris Street
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 10am - 6pm
p: (404) 273-5103
web: http://www.christianbwest.com/cellphoneproject
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/270
ACP Listing #: 042

Danny Clinch
© Danny Clinch
ACP’s 4th Annual Photography Auction Gala Fundraiser
King Plow Arts Center
Featuring work by: Peter Bahouth, Christopher Bucklow, Lucinda Bunnen, Danny Clinch, Susan Derges, Jody Fausett, Birney Imes, Bob Kolbrener, Danny Lyon, Todd Murphy, Richard Pare, Chip Simone, Vee Speers, Angela West

Exhibition: Fri, Sep 25, 6:30pm - 10pm

Continuing our overwhelmingly successful tradition, ACP proudly presents our 4th annual photography auction. Denise Bethel, Director of the Photographs Department of Sotheby’s New York, will return as our delightful auctioneer. The evening will begin with a reception and silent auction, followed by a seated dinner and live auction. The silent auction will be filled with great photography books and other small treasures. The live auction will feature a dazzling array of photographers including Danny Lyon, Christopher Bucklow, Angela West, Susan Derges, Birney Imes, Vee Speers, Danny Clinch, Lucinda Bunnen, Chip Simone, Todd Murphy, Richard Pare, Peter Bahouth, Bob Kolbrener, Jody Fausett and others. The quality of photography available at this auction is unprecedented, as many internationally known photographers have donated work to benefit ACP. Atlanta’s premier fine art framer Myott studios has donated the framing. The event will be held at King Plow Arts Center and will be catered by Bold American Catering.

Purchase tickets and preview a PDF of the auction catalog.

King Plow Arts Center
877 W. Marietta St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
p: (404) 815-1178
web: http://acpinfo.org/programs/photography_auction.shtml
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/358
ACP Listing #: 001

Tom Meiss
© Tom Meiss
The Fatal Facility of Tommyboy's Camera
Sublime Doughnuts
Featuring work by: Tom Meiss

Exhibition: Sat, Sep 26, to Sat, Oct 31 2009

SEE the photographic art of Tom Meiss! TASTE the doughnutastic artistry of Kamal Grant! A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

Sublime Doughnuts
535 Tenth Street, N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
p: (404) 897-1801
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/228
ACP Listing #: 049

Sara Lindkrantz
© Sara Lindkrantz
Women in Focus: Artist's Choice
Digital Arts Studio
Featuring work by: Hazel Berger, Anne Berry, Vicki Bethel, Marcia Blake, Debra Booth, Myrtie Cope, Gail Des Jardin, Bobi Dimond, Sheri Garza-Pope, Ruth Gogel, Joanne Green, Valerie Gruner, Jennie Helderman, Toni James, Frances Johnson, Jan Kapoor, Judy Kuniansky, Denice Lee, Sara Lindkrantz, Chris Mitts, Amira Price, Gittel Price, Linda Rathke, Shiela Robinette, Denise Savage, Theresa Sicurezza, Teresa Sims, Lorikay Stone, Melanie F. Walter, Tiffany Weigel

Exhibition: Thu, Oct 1, to Sat, Oct 31 2009

An exhibit by members of Atlanta-based Women In Focus www.womeninfocus.us, a non-profit group founded in 1993 to support and promote the photographic arts. The group meets the need for a formal network of women photographers who can assist in each others' professional and artistic growth. Women In Focus has become a thriving organization whose diverse membership includes photographic artists ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals, all brought together by their passion for photography.

Other: Sat, Oct 10, 6pm - 9pm

Digital Arts Studio
1082-B Huff Road
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 5pm
p: (404) 352-9779
web: http://www.digitalartsstudio.net/
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/328
ACP Listing #: 054

Stephen Chapman
© Stephen Chapman
Stephen Chapman
Room & Board
Featuring work by: Stephen Chapman

Exhibition: Thu, Oct 1, to Sat, Oct 31 2009

Stephen Chapman’s mission is to explore the diversity of Georgia’s hidden jewels, to capture isolated areas of wilderness and to convey their beauty through black and white photographs.

Room & Board offers timeless, American-made home furnishings created for modern living. Find furniture and accessories that reflect your style and fit the way you live.

Room & Board
1170 Howell Mill Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 10am - 7pm
Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun: 12pm - 5pm
p: (770) 463-8944
web: http://www.roomandboard.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/353
ACP Listing #: 055

Chi Peng
© Chi Peng
Chi Peng: Journey to the West
Kiang Gallery
Featuring work by: Chi Peng

Exhibition: Fri, Oct 9, to Sat, Nov 21 2009

Chi Peng, b.1980, is an internationally recognized artist, known for his surrealistic staged photographs.

Journey to the West is based on a 16thc. Chinese mythological fantasy about a monk accompanied by a monkey, a pig and a friar, who combat demons and dragons, on pilgrimage to the land of the Buddhists. The Monkey King, a boy who transforms himself into a magical monkey is the hero of the modern animated version, from which Chi Peng draws his inspiration,(not the ancient novel). The Monkey King is able to transformation himself into anything he imagines and defeats all enemies. Chi Peng uses the Photoshop to generate his magical images blending magical monkeys and monsters and Buddhas and modern settings together into formats reminiscent of ancient scroll paintings. They are made magical in content by the artist’s magical use of modern technology, the artist’s primary tool bringing the ancient story to life. Barbara Pollack says, “In his hands, the Journey to the West becomes the quintessential story of China today, ever changing and reinventing itself as a country venturing forward into the 21st century”.

Kiang Gallery
1011 A Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Thu, Fri: 11pm - 5pm
Sat: 12am - 5pm
p: (404) 892-5477
web: http://www.kiang-gallery.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/130
ACP Listing #: 095

Judith Pishnery
© Judith Pishnery
SCAD-Atlanta Photo Exhibition
Atlantic Station Shopping District
Featuring work by: Various Artists

Exhibition: Sat, Oct 17, 6pm - 10pm

A one-day only, juried exhibition of photographic-based works by Savannah College of Art and Design students, faculty, staff and alumni will be presented as an ArtWalk at the Atlantic Station shopping district bordered by 17th
and 19th Streets, Market Street and State Street in midtown Atlanta. A
variety of spaces, including storefronts, restaurants and unfinished,
alternative spaces will provide a unique viewing experience. Directional
maps and signage will guide visitors to the exhibits at various
locations within the district. Parking is free for the first two hours.
Additional information, locations and a list of participating artists is
available at www.scadatlantaphoto.blogspot.com.

Atlantic Station Shopping District
17th & Market Street
Atlanta, GA 30363  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Sat: 6pm - 10pm
web: http://scadatlantaphoto.blogspot.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/340
ACP Listing #: 130

Westside Arts District
© Westside Arts District
Westside Arts District
Art Walk

Various Locations

Other: Sat, Oct 17, 11am - 5pm

The Westside Arts District will host their monthly "3rd Saturday Art Walk" from 11am to 5pm. For ACP and other art-related programming including special exhibitions and performances, visit the Westside Arts District website at www.wadatlanta.org. The Westside Arts District is comprised of the following 9 art venues:

The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
535 Means St., NW

Emily Amy Gallery
1000 Marietta St., Suite 208

GET THIS! Gallery
662 11th St., NW

Kiang Gallery
1011-A Marietta St., NW

The Paper Museum at Georgia Tech
500 10th St., NW

Saltworks Gallery
664 11th St., NW

Bobbe Gillis Gallery
1000 Marietta St. NW, Ste. 108

Octane Coffee Bar
1009-B Marietta St., NW

The Westside Arts District is an alliance of fine art galleries and arts institutions who promote active experience with, and understanding of contemporary art. The Westside Art Walks are held the third Saturday of every month and include free arts programming, lectures and special events.

Various Locations
Westside Arts District
Atlanta, GA 30332  [map: Google Maps]
web: http://www.wadatlanta.org
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/344
ACP Listing #: 135

Howardena Pindell
© Howardena Pindell
Howardena Pindell: Autobiography: Strips, Dots, and Video Drawings, 1974-2009
Sandler Hudson Gallery
Featuring work by: Howardena Pindell

Exhibition: Fri, Oct 23, to Sat, Nov 28 2009

Known for the wide variety of techniques and materials used in her artwork, Howardena Pindell has created abstract paintings, collages, "video drawings," and "process art." Her work explores texture, color, structures, and the process of making art; it is often political, addressing the issues of racism, feminism, violence, slavery, and exploitation. She has exhibited her work almost constantly since the 1970s and has held fellowships and appointments at several major institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art. Her work is included in the collections of The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim Foundation and The High Museum.
The show will include mixed media works featuring Pindell's dot pieces, split photographs, and video drawings from 1974-2009.

: Fri, Oct 23, 7pm - 9pm

: Sat, Oct 24, 2pm - 3:30pm

Sandler Hudson Gallery
1009 A Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA 30318  [map: Google Maps]
hours: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 10am - 5pm
Sat: 12pm - 5pm
p: (404) 817-3300
web: http://www.sandlerhudson.com
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/284
ACP Listing #: 137

Chip Simone
© Chip Simone
The Silence and the Dance
Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
Featuring work by: Chip Simone

: Fri, Oct 30, 5:30pm - 7pm

Chip Simone will discuss his new color photographs.

Exhibition: Fri, Sep 25, to Fri, Jan 8 2010

The Silence and the Dance

Chip Simone presents new color photographs.

Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
171 17th Street NW
Suite 2100
Atlanta, GA 30363  [map: Google Maps]
p: (404) 545-1766
permalink: http://festivalguide.acpinfo.org/listings/view/292
ACP Listing #: 142

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